Our Range

At Glens of Antrim, we only supply the finest variety of potatoes, sourced locally and distributed with care.

For over 40 years we have worked with our growers to produce the highest quality potatoes and provide a wide range of potato varieties for our customers to enjoy!

White Potatoes

Glens of Antrim white potatoes contain specially selected varieties for multi-purpose use; suitable for all your cooking needs.

Our Navans are suitable for everyday use, from wedges right through to chipping, with our baking potatoes resulting in the very best baked flavour.

A great natural flavour and easy cooking, makes our white potatoes the perfect all round potato.

Our varieties include Navan, Baking, Cultra and Saxon.

Baby | Salad Varieties

Glens of Antrim Potatoes also prides itself as the leading provider of Baby and Salad variety potatoes.

Our varieties include Maris Peer, Charlotte, Bambino, Nicola, Agata and Annabelle.

Specialist Varieties

Our Specialist varieties are grown and packed by the best in the business with years of experience. From our chip shop favourite in the Maris Piper with its floury texture and creamy flesh to the Casablanca with their pale complexion, creamy texture and simplicity to cook you are guaranteed a great result every time.

For a versatile variety, not too Waxy not too Floury we supply the mighty Rooster or if you fancy a floury variety with excellent depth of flavour, ideal for the creamiest mash then the Kerr’s Pink is the potato for you.

Our more specialist varieties include King Edward, Arran Victory, Pomeroy, Champions and Lumper.

Seasonal Varieties

We, as a nation, have a long and loving relationship with the Cyprus spud, Giving us the very first taste of new season flavour. Today we work as hard as ever to ensure you receive only the finest New Potato varieties fresh from the sun drenched fields of Cyprus.

The Comber potato which becomes available in mid May and are very sought after in Northern Ireland. They come from the Comber region of County Down and are marketed exclusively as such. We pack these potatoes as early as possible to ensure their unique taste and quality early.

Our seasonal varieties include Spunta, Emma and Allianz.

At Glens of Antrim, we are proud to provide potatoes to the plates of families throughout Ireland for many generations.