At Glens of Antrim Potatoes we care about the envirnoment and protecting the beautiful landscape that surrounds our factory...
enviromental reed plantations

Our Environmental Commitment;

Crops – In conjunction with Sygenta we fully support and invest in Operation Pollinator’ aimed at not only protecting Bee Populations but providing them with the perfect mix of nutrients to help them thrive and continue to pollinate the crops we rely upon.

Phacelia planted for Bees

Bees - We recently planted Phacelia on some of your local famrs - drilling it after the potatoes were planted, on ground that was too steep for potato growing. It`s a source of nectar and pollen for the bees going into the autumn when they don`t have many alternative sources. After the flowers drop we rotovate the crop in as green manure. In addition we have two areas down to wild flowers, as part of Operation Pollinator: 0.8 Ha at Katesbridge, Co Down, and 0.2 Ha at Cushendall

Packing - Our Product is washed in Spring Water drawn straight from the mountain behind the packhouse and our waste water is filtered through our Reed bed water purification plant ensuring we have minimal impact on our surroundings and offer our customers a unique selling point.

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